getting around without a driver's license

  • The Yellow Standard: 3 Reasons Why Taxis Are Better Than Crowd-Driving Services

    7 April 2017

    If you're planning on taking a trip soon, you may be considering how to get to the airport or how to get home from the airport after your trip. Trying to decide between a taxi service and a crowd-based driving service like Lyft or Uber can be difficult, so this guide is here to help. Here are three reasons why taxis are still the way to go. Regulation Unlike crowd-based driving services, taxis are still subject to regulations that work in the passenger's favor.

  • Sending Your Retired Parents On A European Cruise Vacation? Tips And Ideas For You

    29 March 2017

    When you have older parents that are getting on in years, you may find yourself wanting to help them to achieve all of their goals and enjoy their life to the fullest in their retirement years. One of the ways that you may wish to do this is to gift them with a European Cruise Vacation. These cruise vacations allow your parents the luxury of being on a pristine and beautiful cruise ship with numerous amenities and activities while also allowing them to see many of the major European sites they have always wanted to see.

  • Making A Helicopter Charter Part Of Your Marriage Proposal: Three Romantic Ideas To Consider

    29 March 2017

    When planning your marriage proposal, you want to create a day your future spouse will remember forever. There are many great ways to do this, and incorporating a helicopter charter flight can be a wonderful addition to your proposal plans. Here are some ways to include this exciting experience in your marriage proposal. Distant Dinner Proposal Let your significant other know you are planning a special dinner date, but let the location be a surprise.

  • Guidelines For Quick Turn Service For Your Company Vehicle

    28 March 2017

    When you need quick turn service on a business vehicle, you will want to reach out to an auto shop that can help you out. There are some shops that specialize in outfitting vehicles with the equipment that they need in order to stay on the road and to serve the company for the long haul. With this in your head, be sure that you read below in order to install some important pieces of equipment in your vehicle that will help you as you navigate and use it through the course of your business.

  • Why Renting Bicycles Is a Good Option While on Vacation

    28 March 2017

    If you are planning an upcoming vacation, you may want to consider the option of renting bicycles before you go through all of the hassle of loading your personal bikes onto your vehicle. By understanding the benefits that come from bike rentals, you will be able to make the best decision for your vacation needs. Less Packing to Worry About Even if you are driving your own vehicle to your vacation spot, you may not want to have to worry about attaching a bike rack and securing the bikes to that rack.

  • Two Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving After A Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

    28 March 2017

    It's customary to celebrate the bride's or groom's remaining days as a single person with a bachelor or bachelorette party. The problem is that people tend to ingest copious amounts of alcohol at these events and end up driving while intoxicated. To avoid this and the consequences associated with operating a vehicle while under the influence, here are two tips for keeping people from driving drunk. Rent a Party Van

  • Corporate Traveling: 4 Ways To Stay Productive While You Are In Route To Your Destination

    26 January 2017

    Traveling for business is a necessity in today's global market. While you once looked forward to hitting the open sky, you now dread the effects of being away from the office on your workload. Although some time issues during travel are impossible to avoid, it is possible to stay productive no matter where you go. As you prepare for your next business trip, use these strategies to take advantage of those pockets of time when you can get many tasks accomplished.