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Hiring A Personal Chaffeur: What To Ask

by Jose Williamson

Whether you're an executive with a stressful job who doesn't want additional stress in a morning commute or are just a busy parent who needs to relax after a frantic morning routine, a personal chauffeur can be a valuable member of your household. If you're in the market for a driver, ask these questions to make a good choice.

Do You Know the Area?

It's vital that your driver has experience with the roads you'll need them to drive on. If your driver isn't familiar with backroads, highways, possible detours, and traffic in the area, be aware that you may need to do some training to get them used to the journeys they'll be taking. You might instead specifically seek someone who is from the area and knows it well.

Can You Work at Night?

Even if you only plan to use the chauffeur to get yourself to and from work, you might eventually find that you need to be driven to dinners or other special events. Knowing now how much time the driver may have for you can help you choose between a few otherwise similar possibilities.

What Additional Driving Courses Have You Taken?

In addition to knowledge of the area, it's also important that your chauffeur be a conscientious and safe driver. It's one thing to ask about a driving record, but it's also smart to ask about additional courses that they could have taken, such as defensive driving or night driving classes. The more training they've received, the safer you can feel when they're driving you around town.

Do You Enjoy Talking?

Once you're sure that the person you're speaking with has the technical abilities you require, it's time to know whether your personalities will mesh well on a day to day basis. If you don't mind some light conversation while you're being transported, you might very much enjoy a chauffeur who is a great conversationalist. However, if you need to have silence in the car to decompress or relax, someone who is always trying to talk with you can become irritating. Try to figure out whether you and a driver are on the same page as far as communication goes.

Asking prospective chauffeurs these questions helps you to find a good candidate and someone who can easily meet your requirements. You can also work with a good residential staffing agency that can do background checks and other pre-screening tasks so that you can choose from among the best.