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Overweight Permit - How To Secure One As A Trucker

by Jose Williamson

Sometimes as a trucker, you'll be asked by clients to take loads that go over the legally acceptable weight limits in an area. You can still travel with them. You just need to get a permit, which won't be hard if you do a couple of things.

Review the Specific Load You'll be Hauling

The first thing you need to do when seeking an overweight permit as a trucker is to assess the specific load that you need a permit for. It will have relevant attributes that dictate the exact type of permit you need to get before you hit the road and complete a gig for a client.

For instance, if you had to travel with a portable building, there's a specific overweight permit that you would need to get. The same goes for if you were traveling with a non-divisible load for a single trip. Just assess your load until you know how to proceed forward with this permit process.

Make Sure the Overweight Load is Properly Secure

In order to get approved for an overweight load, you need to make sure the load is properly secure. This way, you don't pose a risk to yourself or others on the road when traveling with something large like a heavy-duty tractor or industrial parts that weigh thousands and thousands of pounds.

You just need to follow the right rigging protocols according to the specific load that you'll haul with your truck. You may want to have your load professionally inspected so that you can make sure you did everything correctly and thus can get an overweight permit with ease.

Utilize Support Even After Permit Goes Through

If you have success getting an overweight permit for a load that you're in charge of hauling from one location to another, you might still want to utilize professional support. It can come in handy in a couple of situations.

For instance, if you need to extend the length of your overweight permit because the haul will last longer than you originally expected it to, you can contact support and they'll help you apply for an extension. 

If you work as a trucker, eventually there will be some heavy loads that you need to handle. If they go above the accepted limit, you need to get an overweight permit. Getting one today won't take much if you just provide the right information and comply with your responsibilities as a trucker.