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A Stylish Way To Travel To And From The Prom

by Jose Williamson

If your child plans on attending the prom with many of their friends next spring, you may want to supply them with a fun way to travel to and from the event. A party bus is essentially a miniature nightclub on wheels. A fully-converted van will offer your teen and their friends a stylish and comfortable way to travel and share special moments together. 

Party Buses For All Occasions

A party bus is suitable for just about any social occasion you can think of. Converted buses include mini-bus models and full-sized commercial buses. A party bus supplier will provide a contract that will cover all of the services that you can expect your teen and their friends to be equipped with. A bus supplier may require that the person who is booking the rental is of legal age. The contract will outline how many people can ride on the bus and the amount of time that the bus will be at the disposal of your loved one and their companions. You and your teen will need to come up with an itinerary that will be followed on the evening of the prom.

Your child and their friends may decide to dine out or visit a public venue, prior to being transported to the location where the prom is being held. If this is the case, the bus driver will need to be made aware of the schedule. The fee that you are charged for the services that are rendered may cover many stops, both on the way to the prom and on the way back from the prom.

Decorations And Refreshments

When you secure a party bus, you will be advised on how you can or cannot decorate the bus. You will also be furnished with rules that relate to bringing refreshments onto the bus. You can help your child decorate the ride, by supplying them with balloons, banners, and other gear that is symbolic of the school colors or the graduating class itself.

If the party bus outfitter is receptive to refreshments being brought onto the bus, purchase some snacks, beverages, bowls, and utensils that your teen and their friends can use while they are enjoying the refreshments. Be ready to clean up the bus at the end of the event. Once everyone has exited the bus, conduct a walkthrough of the bus and remove decorations and leftover refreshments.

Contact a local party bus service to learn more.