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A Telematic Control Unit That Will Aid In Keeping Up With Fuel Consumption

by Jose Williamson

Fuel consumption is one of the variables that may be most concerning to you, and the rising costs of fuel coupled with your delivery drivers needing to purchase gas or diesel on a recurring basis could have you wondering if you are doing your very best to keep your fleet well-maintained. With telematic control units, you can keep up with the amount of stops that are made during each route and each vehicle's overall fuel consumption.

Embedded Devices That Relay Messages

A telematic system consists of cellular devices, which are each installed within a vehicle. These devices collect data and transfer it back to you, so that you are able to pinpoint what is currently occurring and make changes to your delivery setup.

With a telematic control unit, stay on top of how swiftly a vehicle is moving, whether traffic accidents or roadblocks are located along a particular highway, and how much fuel is being used throughout a trip.

If your fleet contains vehicles that are the same make and model, the information that you compile may help you determine if one of the vehicles isn't operating at its full potential. Compare information from each vehicle and make an informed decision, concerning the upkeep of a particular vehicle or the need to part with the vehicle and purchase a new one.

Changes In Routes As Necessary

The type of traffic that a delivery driver winds up in may have a bearing on how much fuel is being utilized. If one driver tends to drive through the center of town and another driver takes the highway, to reach the same destination, the stop and go traffic that is associated with the busier road may be contributing to the excessive fuel consumption.

Because you will be supplied with real-time information, concerning where each of your drivers is located and what type of traffic or barricades they may encounter, you can reroute the delivery team members and specify that you would like them to follow an alternate route. You will also be updated with the speed of a vehicle, which could contribute to fuel waste.

If you notice that one of your drivers is speeding, let them know that you would like them to slow things down, to both increase safety and maintain their fuel supply. Use an online map to aid with locating refueling stations that you would like your fleet members to utilize. This option will allow you to determine how much will be spent on fuel, since no 'out of the way' fuel stations will be utilized.

For more information about telematic control units, contact a local company.