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Crossing State Lines: Why Your Trucks Need Permits

by Jose Williamson

Interstate trucking and shipping is quite the booming business. If you own and operate such a business, you can expect that your services will be in high demand. However, your trucks will probably all need trucking permits and here is why.  

Trucking Laws Vary Widely from State to State

What works in your state regarding truck weight and product shipment may not work at all in the next state over. You would be surprised to learn how a difference of a few hundred pounds extra in your truck in another state might earn your company a very big fine. Getting a trucking permit to carry in excess of the weight restrictions in these states will prevent those fines and allow your trucks to carry the products that they need to carry and deliver to their destinations. 

Types of Trucks Allowed and Permits for Using Those Trucks Are Different

Some states are completely okay with you using a split cargo trailer (i.e., two box trailers connected which can maneuver easier around tight or circular turns than a standard 150-foot trailer) to haul goods. Others have a problem with this type of trailer unless you are willing to pay for special permits to use said trailers. You need to check in advance to see which neighboring states are going to have a problem with any special trucks or trailers in your fleet. You could also avoid this entirely by sending only the trucks and trailers which would be allowed in those states with the usual permits. 

Drivers Are Not Licensed to Drive in Other States

A lot of times shipping company owners forget that a commercial driver's license and a personal driver's license in the home state do not make drivers fully legal to drive in some other states. That said, the trucking permits can pave the way to make things clear for drivers to drive in other states without being hassled by police. Make it easier for your drivers to get their shipments and loads where they are supposed to go without interference and just buy the permits you (and they) need. 

Buying Permits Online

Thankfully, the internet makes it easy to get every kind of trucking permit you need to continue smooth, fine-free shipping operations. You can search the appropriate state websites for the trucking permits required, pay online, and print the permit when presented on screen. Hand the permits to your drivers, and make sure the permits stay in the trucks at all times. Or you can get the help of a professional company.