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Tips For Taking Your Church Youth Group To A Rally On A Charter Bus

by Jose Williamson

A charter bus could be the ideal way for your youth church group to get to a rally. All the kids can ride together in the same vehicle, which makes transportation easier on families, and the kids can bond and have fun on the ride there and back. Here are some tips for using a charter bus for your youth church group.

Reserve Your Bus In Advance

As soon as you know your kids want to attend a rally, then call for a quote and find out about the features on the bus and any regulations you have to follow. When you've found a suitable bus and price, book it in advance so you won't have worries over last-minute transportation needs. Plus, when you know the cost in advance, your kids will have time to have a bake sale or car wash to raise funds to help pay for their trip to the youth rally.

Charter A Bus With Restrooms

When you travel on a bus full of kids, you'll want a restroom available when possible, especially if you're traveling very far. Kids who put off using the restroom while at the rally may need to use one on the ride home otherwise. Many charter buses have restrooms on board, so this won't be a problem and your kids will be able to go when needed so you won't have to make multiple emergency stops.

Make Sure Snacks Are Allowed

If the bus ride is a long one, your kids will need drinks and snacks to make the ride more enjoyable. Rather than stopping for snacks, consider bringing them on the bus. Just make sure food and drinks are allowed and realize you may need to pay an extra cleaning fee if one of the kids makes a mess with their food.

Plan Activities Ahead Of Time

Charter bus rentals usually come with televisions or other forms of entertainment, but consider if you want to use the time with planned activities instead. The ride to the rally could be spent singing songs together and playing group games that allow everyone to have fun and bond rather than having kids zone out on a movie.

Bring Plenty Of Adults To Help

A charter bus has plenty of seating, so fill up your extra seats with adults. This can be important when you take a lot of kids to an event with many other kids. You don't want someone to get separated and then cause a delay with your bus or you might get charged extra. Plus, being separated could be a traumatic experience for everyone. The kids will probably be excited about their adventure and may be more unruly than usual, so having plenty of adults to supervise and participate is always a good idea.

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