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Tips For Preparing For Your First Cruise

by Jose Williamson

It is not surprising that many people love to book cruises for their vacations. Today's cruise ships offer a huge number of amenities and activities, and there is the added bonus of being able to disembark at multiple ports of call. While a cruise is a great choice for everyone from singles to families, it is always a good idea to be prepared in advance so you can completely enjoy yourself once on board the ship without any stress or worries. If you are planning on booking your first cruise vacation, use the following tips to prepare:

Arrange for Transportation in Advance

Most people have to fly into the city where their cruise is leaving from, so you will need to have a plan to get from the airport to the cruise port. It doesn't make sense to rent a car and pay to park it during the duration of your cruise, and taxis can be quite expensive, especially if you have a large party. Your best bet is to make arrangements to take a shuttle to the cruise port. A shuttle to the cruise port will meet you right outside the airport and will transport you and your traveling companions to the cruise port in a comfortable bus or van. Booking transportation on a shuttle in advance will help ensure that you don't encounter any mishaps when trying to get to the cruise port on time.

Plan to Pack Light

It is not uncommon for people to overpack when going on vacation, but you should try to avoid doing so when taking a cruise. Standard staterooms on a cruise are typically smaller than standard hotel rooms, and they often do not have an abundance of storage or closet space. The last thing that you want is to pack too much and create clutter in your stateroom. Think about your cruise itinerary and pack only the necessities.

Don't Forget to Budget

One of the great things about cruises is the fact that the amount you pay per person typically also includes food and the use of most of the ship's amenities. But don't forget to account for extra expenses that may arise and budget accordingly. For example, alcohol is usually not included in cruise fare, nor are excursions. You will also need to budget for tips and gratuities for the employees who serve you while on board. Consider all of the costs of your trip before leaving to help ensure that you have enough money to enjoy every aspect of your cruise. 

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