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5 Limo Tips For The Perfect Winter Ball Night

by Jose Williamson

If winter ball is a big event where you live, you are going to want to make sure that you have the perfect ride to transport you around on winter ball night. Renting a limo eliminates the problem of figuring out who can drive and who can't, and it makes transportation for your winter ball a much easier question.

#1 Get A Group of Individuals Together

First, you need to get a group of individuals together. This can be tricky if all of your friends have not yet asked the individuals who they want to take to winter ball with them. In that case, you may just want to ask your friends if they plan on bringing a date or someone with them. You don't need to know who their date will be to figure out how large your group is; you just need to know that they intend to bring someone with them.

Get a list of everyone who is committed to taking the limo together to the dance and out for dinner and food either before or after the dance.

#2 Collect the Money in Advance

Second, you need to collect the money in advance. Do not wait till the last minute to collect the money needed for the reservation and the entire bill. You can collect the money in two stages, first for the deposit and then for the final bill, or you can collect the money all at once. You may want to use one of the apps that allow you to digitally collect money from your friends to make this process a little easier and more streamlined.

#3 Get That Reservation in Early

Third, make sure that you get the reservation in as early as possible. Keep in mind that winter ball season is a very busy time for limo companies that provide limousine party bus rental services, and in all likelihood, there are going to be other groups at your school that want to book a limo. There could also be other homecoming events happening at other schools on the same day. That is why it is important to get your reservation in as soon as possible to ensure that you will be able to get a limo for your big night with your friends.

#4 Plan for Pictures Before the Limo Arrives

Fourth, arrange to get everyone together before the limo arrives. That way, last-minute fixes to outfits, hair, and make-up can take place. Taking pictures can take a while, from all the couples shoots to the different group shoots that you may want to do. Get together and get most of your pictures done before the limo arrives, and budget a little time to take some pictures with the limo as well.

#5 Use the Limo for After-Prom Activities as Well

Finally, keep in mind that you can use the limo for after-winter ball activities as well. If you all want to grab food after the dance, have the limo take you out to eat. If you are all spending the night at a friend's house after the dance, have the limo take you to their house. Use the limo to make sure that everyone gets home safely after the dance.

Winter ball is the perfect time to rent a limo. It will class up a very special night in your high school career. Get together a group of friends who want to take the limo and gather up the money in advance. Be sure to put in the reservation well ahead of winter ball season. On the day of the big dance, get together before the limo arrives for picture time and make the most of your limo rental, including transportation to after dance activities, such as going out for late-night dessert, or just transportation to whosever house everyone will be hanging out at after the dance.