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Is Driving Yourself To The Airport Worth It? 3 Things To Consider

by Jose Williamson

Driving to the airport is something most people have done at least once, as it can seem like the most logical way to get yourself to the airport. More expensive options like hiring a car might seem out of reach or like a foolish expense, but the reality is, you might be better off doing just that. Here are three drawbacks to driving yourself to the airport that you should really consider before making your decision.

1. Traffic and its Effect On You

Being stuck in traffic is never fun, but if you know that you have a deadline to get to the airport by a certain time, it can become downright agonizing. Any kind of slowdown can make you anxious and nervous behind the wheel, wondering how you're going to get to your destination on time. If you're alone in the car, matters get only worse as you won't be able to take commute lanes and you'll feel solely responsible for arriving late. Many people turn to dangerous driving in situations like these without even thinking about it, ending up tailgating or darting in and out of lanes to get ahead. These kinds of maneuvers can be dangerous and even get you pulled over, which will make matters even worse.

It's better to sit back and let someone else who drives for a living do it. They'll be able to take you via the commute lane and won't experience the stress that you would in the same situation.

2. Airline Changes Monitoring

Airlines and airports change things all the time, even leading up to the hour of departure. If you're the driver behind the wheel, there's no safe way to keep an eye on these things while you're driving. Unfortunately, this can lead to some problems. For example, if your flight is moved to a new gate or terminal and you park with the information you had available, you may need to hurry to another area entirely on foot, which will only stress you out further.

Any other kind of last minute changes, like late departures, isn't something you can monitor while you're driving. If you're not driving, however, you can keep a close eye on your phone to stay up to date with the latest changes and even check in to your flight as you get closer to the airport to avoid wasting time at the ticket counter.

3. Parking Fees

Finally, is hiring a car really that much more expensive when you take parking into consideration? Parking can be extremely costly, especially if you're traveling during the height of vacation season or you're at a heavily populated airport. In reality, you may end up saving money by hiring a car to take you to and from the airport. With the added advantages above, there's really no comparison.

Hiring a car to take you to the airport is something you can rely on to be safe and to not induce the kind of stress people typically feel behind the wheel in a rush to the airport themselves. If you're planning on a trip in the near future, reserve a car and leave the rest to them rather than forcing yourself to drive.

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