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Are You Headed To California?

by Jose Williamson

Have you ever been to California before? If so, you are probably returning because you fell in love with that magnificent state. If this is your first trip to California, prepare to fall head over heels with so much diversity and beauty that you will more than likely want to return many times. From theme parks to wine tours, here are some ideas that might help you to discover or to rediscover California.

Where Are You Headed? - How much time do you have? For example, if you have only a weekend to spend in California, you might want to focus on a particular area of the state. Consider going to San Diego where you will be close to places like the beach, Anaheim for Disneyland, and to the great San Diego Zoo. However, if you have more than a weekend, count yourself truly lucky. You could live in California for years and still not see everything there is to offer. However, if you have even several days, you can see a lot, especially if you focus on a plan. If you have your own car, you've got it made. If you're flying into a major airport in California, think about renting a car that will take you to your different destinations.

Plan Your Days - It might be very helpful for you to actually join a tour group. By doing so, you'll more than likely see even more than you would on your own because you'll be led by guides who have the experience help you see things you may not get to see on your own. For example, think about joining a tour that will take you to the fabulous wine country of California. By being part of a wine tour from a place like Five Towns Limousines, you will have the luxury of not having to park your own car and you will more than likely get to go to wineries that are off the beaten path. Each wine tour will probably include wine tasting and an explanation of which wines to use with different meals. You'll be an expert! Don't forget that the wineries will also probably have gift shops. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to purchase your favorite wines and to buy gifts to take home to your friends and family.

If you have decided to take a wine tour, think about reserving your spaces before you even leave home.