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Sending Your Retired Parents On A European Cruise Vacation? Tips And Ideas For You

by Jose Williamson

When you have older parents that are getting on in years, you may find yourself wanting to help them to achieve all of their goals and enjoy their life to the fullest in their retirement years. One of the ways that you may wish to do this is to gift them with a European Cruise Vacation. These cruise vacations allow your parents the luxury of being on a pristine and beautiful cruise ship with numerous amenities and activities while also allowing them to see many of the major European sites they have always wanted to see. However, before you finalize the plans and book their trip, get to know a few tips and ideas that can help you give your parents the best European cruise vacation possible.

Be Sure To Look Closely At The Itineraries And Choose One Best Suite To Your Parents

There is much to see in Europe, even if you are just sticking to the coastal areas or cities and sites easily accessible from the various ports along the continent's shores. As such, there is not a one-size-fits-all cruise that will allow your parents to see all there is to see in Europe.

When you are choosing the perfect European cruise for your parents, be sure to carefully examine the full itineraries of the cruise vacations available. You may want to ask your parents about specific European cities or sites they have always wanted to visit or see just to get a few ideas about specific destinations their ideal cruise should include.

For example, if your family is of Nordic descent, you may want to book them a cruise that includes an exploration of Norway's fjords or a port stop in Norway, Denmark, or other Northern European countries. The more you can cater your cruise selection to your parents' individual tastes and interests, the more enjoyable and meaningful it will be for them.

Think About Booking Them Private Shore Excursions

Sometimes, big group tours and shore excursions can be overwhelming and tedious. Large numbers of people make the experience less personal and your parents may not get to see everything they are interested in if the rest of the group has alternative ideas of what sites are worth spending more time on. As such, a few private shore excursions may be a welcome escape for your parents to explore on their own, just the two of them and a guide.

One of the best locations to book private shore excursions is in Italy. If your parents' cruise ship is scheduled to stop in Civitavecchia, a port community in Rome, this is a perfect opportunity for a private shore excursion. Cities like Rome are so full of history and incredible beauty that it is impossible to see everything in a day or two. However, with a private shore excursion, your parents will see some of the major sites and lesser known gems that are important to them. Perhaps your parents are Catholic and wish to visit the Vatican museums or want to see the elegance and ancient beauty of the Piazza Navona up-close. All of this is possible with a private shore excursion.

Keeping these tips and ideas in mind, you can be sure that the European cruise vacation you send your parents on is the best possible trip and experience for them.