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Making A Helicopter Charter Part Of Your Marriage Proposal: Three Romantic Ideas To Consider

by Jose Williamson

When planning your marriage proposal, you want to create a day your future spouse will remember forever. There are many great ways to do this, and incorporating a helicopter charter flight can be a wonderful addition to your proposal plans. Here are some ways to include this exciting experience in your marriage proposal.

Distant Dinner Proposal

Let your significant other know you are planning a special dinner date, but let the location be a surprise. Arrange for limousine transportation to the helicopter charter to make the day even more special. Some charter companies work with local limo drivers, and some even have their own limousines you can use. When you arrive at the helicopter, whisk your date away to a special dinner in a nearby city, and enjoy the sights while in the air. Once you've landed, consider proposing right there on the landing pad before taking an awaiting limo to the restaurant for a celebratory dinner.

Mid-Air Proposal

Suggest to your significant other the idea of taking an aerial sight-seeing trip on a charter helicopter. This could be to celebrate your anniversary, or it could be just an adventure for the two of you to enjoy. Book a charter flight, and once you reach the most beautiful scenery on your trip, turn around to face your date. Present the ring along with a note (it may be too loud to hear each other speak). If there is a copilot on board, ask him or her to take pictures or video during the proposal.

Family Reunion Proposal

If your significant other's family is old-fashioned, consider asking the parents for permission to propose, and then arrange for them all to be present at the proposal. Suggest a helicopter ride to a park or nature preserve, where you and your future spouse can have a quiet picnic together. While you are in the air, his or her family can be at the landing location setting up a large picnic feast. When you get off the helicopter, greet his or her family, and propose in front of everyone. You may want to consider hiring a photographer or videographer to capture the moment. After your significant other says "yes," you can all enjoy a fun outdoor engagement party together.

Talk to the staff at your local helicopter charter company, and ask about any experience it has arranging marriage proposals. Together, you can come up with a plan that creates a once-in-a-lifetime moment for you and your future spouse.