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Corporate Traveling: 4 Ways To Stay Productive While You Are In Route To Your Destination

by Jose Williamson

Traveling for business is a necessity in today's global market. While you once looked forward to hitting the open sky, you now dread the effects of being away from the office on your workload. Although some time issues during travel are impossible to avoid, it is possible to stay productive no matter where you go. As you prepare for your next business trip, use these strategies to take advantage of those pockets of time when you can get many tasks accomplished.

Plan Your In-Transit Itinerary

Research your traveling times to find out how much time you will have on the way to your destinations. Remember, that the little bits of time that you have going to the airport or your hotel are all ideal opportunities to squeeze in some work since you won't be distracted by things like conference calls. Then, create a to-do list that includes the items you need to bring to make those tasks happen.

Communicate With Your Office

Let your office staff know the times that you won't be available. For example, your smartphone will be shut down for periods of time while your plane is taking off and landing. During a pre-travel meeting, go over any recent updates and discuss when you can conference call about things that come up while you are away. This way no one is caught by surprise during your traveling downtimes.

Charge Everything the Night Before

It can be really frustrating when you realize that you have time to jot off a quick email while being driven by your airport limo service, but your laptop has a dead battery. Avoid this common issue by charging all of the electronics you think you will need on your trip. Remember that your morning is always busier than you think, so plug that smartphone in before you go to bed.

Carry Stationary and Stamps

In addition to emails and other electronic correspondence, sending a handwritten thank you note is always a great way to make a good impression on new contacts. Before your trip, think about some of the people that you will meet or who are offering their services to you. Then, pack some thank you cards and stamps so that you can write a quick note as your transportation service drives you home.

There is nothing worse than getting on a flight or in your airport car while thinking about how much you could be doing instead of just sitting there. Fortunately, all it takes is a little preparation to turn those empty minutes into productive opportunities. By tackling small tasks when you can, you will open up more time for making those professional connections that drive your business.

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